Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Femmes Funk

This post is a bit late but things have been a little busy. Well, no more so than usual but somehow sitting at the computer and blogging seems to come at the bottom of the list - which even here in paradise consists of running kids around, cleaning up after them, trying to devise dinners that don't end up mushed into the floor, the chair and the walls, and all the other wonderful things a mum has to do.

So - a few weeks ago was Femmes Funk. It's a very funky little festival. This year one of the headline act was Ladi6. We were excited about going to see bit of good kiwi hip hop (well - I was anyway).

The festival used to be at the Tjibaou Centre which worked really well. Now it's at the Centre Culturel du Mont Dore. It's nice but I reckon the Tjibaou was better. A little village is set up so you can boogie your way from zone to zone and taste some tasty treats too. We loved the kids zone which had lots of painting options and good playdough, complete with garlic crushers to make spaghetti squiggles. Max will never look at our garlic crusher the same again.

Despite a massive rainstorm on Sunday we had a lovely time and really made the most of our weekend pass. The boys loved it! Check out their dance moves.


Last year we were driven slightly nuts by trick or treaters. We were completely unprepared for the onslaught of beautifully dressed up, albeit slightly pushy kids. I had bought a small bag of lollies just in case but by the fifth group our supplies were finished - by group 55 we were going crazy!

This year we knew what to expect. After a bit of humming and haaing we had a few friends for dinner and let the kids distribute our large stash of treats to the local kids. They loved it! They also got to hear ghost stories in the garden in the glow of our beautifully carved Jack-o-lantern - thanks to Charlie - and run around like crazy things. All in all, a fantastic way to spend a busy evening.
And a word of advice to anyone moving to Tuband - prepare for Halloween. Your doorbell is likely to ring deep into the evening.

And you might even hear some creepy laughter....