Monday, 4 July 2011

How warm is it in July in Noumea

I've noticed this question coming up frequently on google.  Today it's sunny, 26 degrees in the sun and just about perfect.  Last week it was rainy and felt cold at 18 degrees.  If you're planning a trip here you could get a gorgeous time - or it could be a little chilly!  

For sure, it's much cooler now than in December when you can barely walk around because of the humidity.  It cools off alot at night and you need to wear a jumper outside.  In the centre of the island it can drop as low as 10 degrees.  Bbbrrrr.

We are packing bag and preparing for our big trip home.  We will miss this place for sure.  And all our friends.  

I have my fingers crossed for a continuation of this lovely weather.  We have friends arriving for our last week and they deserve some summer sunshine (albeit in winter)!