Friday, 24 June 2011

Stunning running

I'm not a runner.  I've always thought it was a bit silly to pound the pavements in search of some illusive endorphin high.

But - I'm becoming a bit of fan.  

One reason is that it's stunning running here.  We are lucky enough to have a palm-tree lined walkway that starts just near our house and follows the bays into town for about 6km.

My 30 minute runs have gradually extended and this gorgeous scenery was a great incentive to keep on running while I trained for a half marathon during the first few months of this year.

So maybe Noumea has turned me into a runner after all!

A fishy morning

On a warm sunny morning, I love to go to the market.  It's great to sit up at the 'Buvette' and watch noumea wake up over a cheeky pain au chocolat and a coffee.  I have extended my gluttony and have moved on from just a coffee, to a coffee with a croque monsieur and now a coffee with a croque madame...and maybe even an orange juice - there's no doubt where my extra Noumean kilos have come from ;)
After breakfast, I like to see what fish is available at the market.  Sometimes there are crayfish that are so big they seem almost prehistoric.  Today there was lots of octopus and the snapper (vivaneau) looked big and delicious.   The Council has just redone the fish market and now it's much cleaner.  You can select your whole fish and then have it filleted in front of you - what luxury!

The morning's adventure continues with a stroll around the marina.  Although it's a bit smelly and the water looks like nothing sane would choose to live in it - there's actually coral growing all around the water's edge. Take a walk around the water's edge and you'll be rewarded by seeing lots of coral, fish and often large black seasnakes cruising through the coral trees.  This photo was taken standing on the pavement beside the marina, just looking down in to the water.  Isn't it great! Max and Polly love it.