Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas craziness

Tonight was the boys' night out. They took off to have burgers and chips for dinner and go for a ride on the Christmas santa train. It meant a late bedtime for Max but he took it all in his stride.

He came home full of stories about the funny man in the white car (who Charles hadn't noticed...I've no idea what he did), chocolates and a little girl. No mention of Santa Claus. The night time trip around Noumea in the little train ended with a visit to 'La maison de Pere Noel'. It's a regular house, not far from where we live, that is decorated by a lovely lady who is completely nuts about Christmas. Everyone here goes nuts about her over the top decorations!

I think this picture sums up pretty well why Max didn't catch a glimpse of the dude in the red suit. Mr Claus was at home but all of the kids of Noumea were out to visit him - we're be incredibly thankful that we don't live on this street. Chaos!

Three months old (et tres sage)

Our little New Caledonian is 3 months old. She's awesome. She's so big that she's off the top of the French growth charts. At 7.5 kilos (I kid you not), she gets a lot of attention and the top of her Michelin man-style legs get squeezed everyday by passers by. Her response? Well, she smiles of course!

I love all the new vocabulary that has to be learned when something new happens and you living in a non-english speaking country. A new baby as meant learning how to say that you're in labour, that it hurts (I knew that one), how to ask for an epidural...hmmm and that was all before she'd even arrived. One of the nicest things at the moment is the statement I've been getting lots lately 'Elle est sage' - literally that she's wise, but translated better as she's a good baby...happy, smiley and a good sleeper. And yes, very wise!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Coconut grasshopper

So, I was locking up the house the other day when I looked over my shoulder and jumped so high my head nearly hit the roof. What was checking me out? A coconut grasshopper. It was ginormous!

I actually didn't know what it was, but by the power of google I quickly learned that New Caledonia's grasshopper is one of the biggest in the world and, unfortunately, threatened with extinction.

Despite it's fearsome appearance, it gets its name from the fact that it eats the leaves on coconut palms and it blends in perfectly. It can reach up to 20cm long. It's not something you'd like to find snuggled up next to you in bed at night...

We let him be and he disappeared overnight. No doubt he's feasting on one of the nearby coconut palms!