Monday, 13 September 2010

Stand Up Paddling

I have been enviously watching people, on gorgeously still evenings as the sun goes down, doing a bit of stand up paddle at Anse Vata beach. It looks so calm. Gliding over the water, chilling out. With the two kids in tow it's often difficult to find the time to get out and try new things though.

So this weekend our afternoon sleep was cut short. We'd been invited by some friends to come down and try it out with them Just the kick start we need. Eh Hop - off we went.

It was so much fun! Charlie went first and showed off his surfing prowess. I followed and after paddling around and getting used to how it feels, I managed to stand up and even steer (a bit, sometimes into some unsuspecting swimmers...).
We'll be doing more of this fun sport.

Here's a pic of Charles having just got in the water with a lovely lady showing him how it's done.

La noumeene

Sunday morning was hot and still. I'd had a reasonably big night out on Saturday and was feeling the effects of my very strong Maitai followed by a few glasses of vino. BUT - it was the big day. The fun run. Pink T-shirts on - it was time to run 'The Noumeene'.

It's just a little run - 4kms but made challenging by the fact that it always seems to happen on a gorgeous day. By Sunday's 8.30am start it was already creeping from mid to late 20s. Arrgghhhh!

In fact - it was fun. It's a buzz to run with lots of people and the Noueeme is run to raise awareness about breast cancer, so it's women only. A great excuse to leave the kids with the hubbies. I started out with two girlfriends and ended with another friend. Lovely to have someone to push you into a little race at the end!